I'm Lukáš Lukáč! Welcome!

I am working at Infura where I scale Web3 infrastructure in the AWS cloud for 400k+ developers. Specializing on IPFS content distribution protocol in Go.


Lukas Lukac 2023 - Web3Coach


I will write mainly about distributed systems from the Ethereum and IPFS ecosystems (in Go). On a weekly/monthly basis, I will share with you my notes from reverse-engineer p2p systems and their system architecture.

I also recently found a new obsession - economics - and plan to include some of its gems in my upcoming content - the Free Markets are fascinating. After all, the Web3 philosophy and the vision of cryptocurrencies only make sense when you understand the dangers of monopolies, centralized planning, and ultimately, fiat currency and its history.

Look, I will be honest with you. I consider myself a liberal who cherishes traditional conservative values and existing institutions - we stand on the shoulders of giants. However, it's becoming painfully obvious our society needs a bit of refactoring when it comes to trust, accountability, transparency, and money management - here is where blockchain comes into play.

Therefore, if you decide to subscribe - bear with me at the beginning and allow me a few preparatory emails where I will share with you my current learnings from obsessing over Economics, Free Markets, and Money - I hope you will find this content equally intriguing.