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Forget everything you've heard about blockchain from social media. Now, you will build a blockchain system from ground zero in Go to really understand the ins and outs of this peer-to-peer, distributed technology.

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You will follow the story of a software developer who is looking to revolutionize his local bar by implementing blockchain technology for its payment system.

Why should you learn blockchain?

This eBook is how you'll discover the benefits of working with cutting-edge technology. Blockchain is changing industries, building communities and shifting the job market.

This is for you if:

You're an early adopter and seek the next innovative tech.

You already know how to develop CRUD and REST API for a monolith.

Relational databases are too stable, and honestly, a bit boring.

Micro-services are a nightmare.

Blockchain database has a unique peer-to-peer autonomous design. You learn Go, Cryptography, Event-Based Architecture, and other concepts required for Web 3.0 vision.

You want higher earnings, more autonomy + WFH.

Blockchain Development is the most emerging job position, with unparalleled 33x growth. Source.

High demand and few good developers, means you'll be able to set the price, and terms you're happy with.

Remote blockchain developers can earn up to $200,000. Source.

You want to believe in the work that you're doing.

Web 3.0 core principles aim to reduce corruption in the world and improve transparency in all industries from shipping, manufacturing, trading, and others.

Focus on data privacy. There is no reason your Instagram vacation picture, should be stored in a commercial database for sale to advertisers.

Free speech, a basic human right.

Top 3 blockchain use cases

To explore what you can program and achieve with blockchain programming it's best to look at what's being done right now.

Banking - Efficient digital money

24/7 Reporting & Audit

Blockchain saves data in an immutable distributed ledger. Every participant can monitor and control its funds independently, safely, and in real-time.

Crypto self-custody

You don't need a bank account to manage your wealth - all you need is a Private Key. If you can safely secure 24 secret words, you can travel the world, migrate to another country, or in the worst case - escape a war.

No centralized entity can restrict you the access to your financial assets depending on your political views and geographical location.

Supply Chains - Immutable Records

Thanks to the distributed, tamper-proof blockchain records, Companies such as Wallmart, FedEx track their products across the globe.

Perfect Records

Cryptographically secured documents, their exchange, and location.

Self Sovereign Identity

Forget about usernames and passwords stored on centralized servers running in basements of companies too cheap to hire a security expert. Blockchain uses universal digital certificates to secure your online profile, documents, and identity.

Digital Signatures

Verify the authenticity of digital messages or documents.

Shared Infrastructure

Companies can plug-in into the blockchain systems and don't have to re-invent the security protocols and suffer unnecessary data breaches.

It's how you'll expand your programming career

9/10 devs don't understand blockchain (not in the programming sense), but in the "why does this exist sense".

"It's slow", "it's useless" – "it's NOT".

Everything we know about blockchain tells us it's innovative, it's in demand, and it's changing the world. I can't change your mind and how you feel about it, and honestly, I'm amazed you got this far down the page.

When you understand how powerful blockchain is.
When you know it's going to be a learning curve.
When you can see how it'll change industries.

And you're still reading, then there's only 1 thing left to do.

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Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go v1.19 LTS Index

Last Updated: 13.08.2022

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The flagship material on starting with blockchain development for back-end developers!

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Follow how the main protagonist Andrej, a web developer by day and a bartender by night, learns real-world use of blockchain through the growth of his new business venture: "The Blockchain Bar".

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Hi, I am Lukas Lukac - Senior Go Engineer at building Web3.

My goal is to help 1000 engineers understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology (without the hype). Let's build together a more transparent, censorship-resistent and resilient web!

If you seek to learn the latest in innovative technology, wanting to be part of a growing community of blockchain developers and enjoy all the professional perks that come with it – you should start reading the eBook.

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