Start developing Web3.0!

Join Andrej in programming a blockchain in Go from scratch.

Look, I know you think blockchain sucks, and it's just a hype but forget everything you heard from social media.

Blockchain joins together a new set of fascinating programming design patterns useful for any software developer.

Why to learn blockchain NOW?

Supply vs. Demand

Blockchain is a technology of tomorrow's job market. Gain experience today while rest of the developers are bored still writing HTTP endpoints and querying MySQL DB using 30 years old Java/PHP for a below-average salary due to now naturally crowded, web development market.

Sounds harsh? Honestly, I love MySQL, and I have used it for 8 years, but so everybody else now.

In the worst case, you learn new programming design patterns and cryptography. Relevant in your current job as well.

New Software Concepts

You will explore the magic behind distributed and decentralized systems learning completely new design patterns and concepts improving your low-level software engineering skills (Encodings, Cryptography, Peer-to-Peer Torrent-like Protocols, Event-Based Architecture, etc.)

Global Economy

Lost a job because of COVID-19? The majority of blockchain jobs are remote-friendly, allowing you to work from your favorite places or home for any business sector.

Earn a higher salary due to a lack of talent. I was a senior software engineer at trivago for 5 years (a company with 1000 employees), and after becoming a blockchain developer, my salary increased by 35%—supply vs. demand.

Low cost of living and higher monthly profit if you land a well paid remote job. What's the point of earning 200k a year if you spend 150k on rent?

HIGH RISK / HIGH ROI BONUS: You will understand the most popular blockchain protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP) and their technical shortcomings in depth. You will be able to estimate what projects have the brightest feature $!


Web 3.0 core principles aim to reduce corruption in the world and improve transparency in all industries from shipping, politics, manufacturing, trading, and others.

Focus on data privacy. There is no reason your Instagram picture, Facebook status, or Twitter tweet should be stored in a commercial database for sale to advertisers.

Free speech censorship is getting out of control. All western companies from hardware (Apple) to software (Blizzard) are banning applications used by Hong Kong protestors. Web 3.0 design have peer-to-peer dynamics to support basic human rights.

The Blockchain Way of Programming v1.0 LTS Index

Last Updated: 27.03.2020

13 extensive chapters with 3 years of content maintenance support if anything in blockchain industry changes.

The flagship material on starting with blockchain development.

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Hi, I am Lukas Lukac. An ex-trivago software engineer, author and blockchain coach.

For the last 2 years I spent 10h a day developing blockchain software and educational resources. Not enough. This industry needs more developers. In April 2020 I decided to open Web3Coach company and train web developers for the new era of Web 3.0 development with focus on users privacy, data ownership and peer-to-peer interactions as a full-time coach.

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