In this newsletter, you will learn about two topics. How to program p2p systems and why society needs decentralized money.

Before diving into the technical complexities and reverse engineering blockchain protocols (Ethereum) and decentralized storage (IPFS), let's rollback to the 7th century BCE when the first gold coin was minted.

Why cryptocurrencies? How did we get here?

History of Money

  1. 404 Before Christian Era - Government of Athens debases its silver currency: Drachma
  2. 3rd century Anno Domini (Latin for "in the year of the lord") - Roman Empire debases its silver currency: Denarius
  3. 15th century Florence - Clever Accounting of Medici Bank: Assets = Liabilities + Equity
  4. 16th century Tudor England - Henry VIII confiscates gold from monasteries
  5. 17th century Sweden - the first Central Bank and banknotes in Europe
  6. WIP

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